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International Non-Olympic Committee

International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

President - INOC


Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI

Founder President
International Non-Olympic Committee - INOC

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI is also holding these global positions.

1. President - International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (
2. President - International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF. (
3. President - World Council For Regular & Distance Education-WCRDE. (
4. Founder & Rector- International Non-Olympic University-INOU. ( )
5. Chairman - International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC ( )
6. President - World Sports Karate Federation-WSKE (
7. President - International Yoga Committee -IYC (
8. President - National Brand Awards Committee -NBA (
9. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - Quality Factor -QF ( )
10. President - Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry - IICCI ( )

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Please Read 1st Inaugural Speech of the Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI as Founder Secretary General-INOC in 22nd August 1997 (Click Here )

Brief About INOC-Movement

  • The INOC has been formed with sole-aims for developments, upliftments, recognition and popularising the Non-Olympic Games and Country & Traditional Origin Games in all over the World as Olympic Games, which has been struggling to get its popularity amongst the peoples of the World and its due recognition from the "International Olympic Committee-IOC". In this regards, few countries of the World have also taken the idea seriously and developed National Non-Olympic Committees (NNOCs) with the practicable support and help of its pioneer i.e. International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC.

    As we all are aware that the International Olympic Committee-IOC is the only International Sports umbrella on which they are working hard for only Olympic related sports, and it is also fact that the IOC is representing not more than 25% of the total sports in all over the World, for more than 10 decades. They have made an atmosphere and global room for those games who are the members of that esteemed organization, and because of this, the results got very healthy for only Olympic related sports from all over the World. Every Nationals & States Governments are providing all kind of help & financial assistance to the Olympic related sports and their International & National Olympic Sports Federations as well as for the players too.

    RECOGNITION FROM PRIVATE SECTORS: - it is also fact that the private sectors is playing a vital role for pushing those games in all over the World, by providing sponsorship, organizing events etc. for Olympic sports, except few Non-Olympics Sports too.

    INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC FEDERATIONS:- all the IOF & NOF's also have very strong financial & organizational backgrounds. We would like to congratulate the IOC's peoples who have made this atmosphere & created global room with their positive efforts for the Olympic Sports, and they have got recognition, name, fame, glamour, status, and position to the concerned sports of IOF's & NOF's as well as for players too.

  • ATTRACTION FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD: - the peoples of the World are also attracted with Olympic Sports, except for few Non-Olympic Sports namely, Cricket, Golf, etc., the Olympic Sports are available on Electronics & Print Media, whereas the Non-Olympic Sports are yet to reach that goal.

    SET-BACK:- the IOC is representing only on 25% of the total games and rest of the total 75% of the games are representing by the International Federations, on a individual basis, not like as IOC. There is no organization in all over the World like as IOC except the INTERNATIONAL NON-OLYMPIC COMMITTEE-INOC, which has been formed recently with the aims & objectives to give recognition & popularity to its Non-Olympics Sports as Olympic Sports.

    ABOUT NON-OLYMPIC SPORTS: - presently the Non-Olympic Sports & Federations as well as players are struggling hard for their survival, at a matter of fact that the International Non-Olympic Sports Federations have no Super Body like as IOC from the date of the IOC's birth, the every International Non-Olympic Sports Federations are working hard to give recognition & popularity its sports, few have given good responses, but the major portion of the International Non-Olympic Sports Federations are still waiting any miracle in the light of the day, there is no scope of their players, and also they are not getting any financial help & assistance from the Governments as well as Private Sectors too, and the Electronics & Print Media are also not paying any attention to the Non-Olympic Sports and their federations too, but the reasons, we have got behind this setback, because, there was no Super Sports Controlling Body (for Non-Olympic) and lack of finances. Olympics Sports are getting vide publicity through the Electronics & Print Media, but for the Non-Olympic Sports yet to receive any kinds of these facilities.

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