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International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) is only an International Platform for all Non - Olympic Sports.

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INOC is expecting to be announced Mini Non-Olympic Game in Singapore very soon.

After meeting Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI-India, Mr. Goolam Cader Ally-Mauritius, Mr. Koh Kim Ban-Singapore, Mr. Allen Phee Kian Seng-Singapore, Mrs. Wee Cheng Lian-Singapore, & Mr. Jarkko Harkonen-Finland, Mr. C.A. Tamboli-India.

Family photo with all the guests alongwith Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI-Secretary General-INOC before the dinner at the Red House, famous beach restaurant in Singapore.

The Dinner hosted by the Mr. Koh Kim Ban in Singapore during visit of Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI-Secretary General-INOC

INOC Meeting in Singapore from 2nd to 3rd December-2005

INOC Meeting in Singapore from 2nd to 3rd December-2005

Venue: Hotel Aspinals, 83, Syed Alvi Road, Singapore-207662
Date: 2nd & 3rd December-2005
Time: 05.00 P.M. (on 2nd & 3rd December-2005)
Participating Countries: India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Finland etc.

Mauritius National Non-Olympic Committee has been formed.

The Mauritius National Non-Olympic Committee (MNNOC) has been officially announced for its legal formation, the Founder Chairman/President Mr. Goolam Cader Ally, is addressing the 1st press conference held on 4th August 2005 . the following Exexutive Committee of MNNOC is as follows; left to right sitting: Sheik Ayman Goolam Cader Ally ( Fitness )- Leena Ramlakhan ( Barister - Just joined the Women's Commission ) ( Golf ) Goolam Cader Ally: Founder/President/Chairman NMNNOC ( Super - Cricket ) Parsad Balkissoon (senior Vice President ) ( Sumo ) Wahida Bibi Sham ( Member and president Women's Commission ) (Armsport ) Sorab Mowlabaccus ( vice President ) ( Ju-Jitsu ) Standing: Louis Vijay Jennah ( Member ) ( Body Building ) Bashir Ramtoolah ( Member ) ( Indoor Football ) Ramjan Cader Ally ( Director of Sports ), The secretary Miss Francoise Lam Tung will represent ( Aerobics and women's (for any comments from Mr. Goolam Cader Ally-Chairman/President-MNNOC, please e-mail him : click here)

The Super-Cricket has been launched worldwide: Said Ansari

Lucknow, India-14th June-2005, The International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC's Founder and Chairman Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI (India) has officially announced that the International Super-Cricket Committee and its (website is open for players, officials, sports personalities and sports lovers of the world to play this new game i.e. super-cricket and its full operation worldwide from today.

The International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC is basically, created by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, (India) on dated. 14th of October-2004, and proposal submitted before the office of the INOC, Lucknow, India, and INOC has given approval for its operation worldwide, now ISCC is announcing the Super-Cricket Game is open for world from 14th of June-2005, and the ISCC and Super-Cricket game is introducing and will manage full of its legal control by the INOC-Charter i.e. International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (, Prof.Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI is being a youngest sports personality in the world with the intention to give regular financial support (monetary benefits) to all Non-Olympic Sports worldwide that will give recognition, popularity and global room for Non-Olympic Sports, International Sports Federations, National Sports Federations, Players, Coaches, Referees, Umpires, officials and its sports family in all over the world. The ISCC is a main tool of International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC, after ensuring on regular basis financial supports to all Non-Olympic sports worldwide, the ISCC would manage millions and billions dollars for Non-Olympic Sports, by this efforts the whole world will recognize the INOC-Movement would become a tool for Normalization, Integration, Social Unity and World Peace by using Sports for all. (for full press release, click here)

National Non-Olympic Championship

The 1st National Non-Olympic Championship of Tent Pegging under supervison of PNOC

The PNOC Secretary General Mr. Mukarram Ali, Faisalabad, Pakistan has announced that the Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC is going to organise 1st National Tent Pegging Championship on 6th to 8th February ,2004. Agriculture University of Faisalabad. This championship is going to held under the supervision of Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC. Tent Pegging Rules-Click

Mr. Syeed Mukarram Ali
Secretary General
Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC

we are send you event news.And add the news and pictuers 1st National Non-Olympic championship of Tent Pegging under supervison of PNOC Thanks Syeed mukarram ali PNOC.
(7th January-2004)

The 2nd National Non-Olympic Championship of Cycle Polo under supervision of PNOC

The PNOC Secretary General Mr. Mukarram Ali, Faisalabad, Pakistan has announced that the Pakistan Federaion of Cycle Polo is going to organise 2nd National Cycle Polo Championship on 23rd 24th Jan. 2004 at Faisalabad. This championship is going to held under the supervision of Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC

Mr. Syeed Mukarram Ali
Secretary General
Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC

Non-Olympic Committee

(3rd January-2004)

Somalia National Non-Olympic Committee-SNNOC

The SNNOC has legally announced Samalia National Non-Olympic Committee-SNNOC and its operation in Somalia, the vetran members of Somali sports has organised 2 days general meeting in Mogadishu-Somalia and finally announced the Somalia Non-Olympic Committee-SNNOC. The members of the general meeting elected the President of SNNOC Mr. Mire Sheikh Omar and Secretary General Eng. Abdulhadir Ali Gedi and 5 others executive members.

(1st January-2004)

African Non-Olympic Committee-ANOC

The INOC has legally announced the Continental Non-Olympic Sports Governing Body, and its Headquarter at Nairobi-Kenya, Mr. Charles N. Mukora has been nominated as Chairman for African Non-Olympic Committee-ANOC and its other members will be announced very soon. Their Contact: The Vice President of the INOC: Mr. Charles Nderitu Mukora, Chairman-ANOC, P.O.Box 42175. 00100 Nairobi. KENYA. Cell Phone: +254 722 815 346 Telephone: +254 20 566 290 E-Fax: +1 917 464 9321 Email:

(21th December-2003)

Kenya National Association of Non-Olympic Sports-KENANOS

The KENANOS has been legally registered and announced its operation in Kenya as Super Non-Olympic Sports Body. Mr. Charles Nderitu Mukora-Vice President-International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC is an ideal sports personality in Kenya as well as in African Continent that has done a lot in Sports for this region, The Secretary General of KENANOS Mr. Conrad E.N. Karukenya Ag. is devoted with Non-Olympic Sports and its promotion in Kenya

Mr. Mohd. Meraj
Member Executive
International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC

(25th September-2003)

Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC

The PNOC Secretary General Mr. Mukarram Ali, Faisalabad, Pakistan has taken first initiative to form Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC with help of (9) nine Pakistan Sports Federations has taken part in the formation of the PNOC the general body meeting held at Faisalabad, Pakistan, the following executive committee members have been elected for the PNOC; President-Dr. Fawad Subhani, Voice-President-Arshad Mehmood Bhatti, Secretary General/Treasurer-Syeed Mukarram Ali, Director Sports-Ch. Numan Safdar. The Mr. Syeed Mukkarram Ali has said that Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC will give all Non-Olympic sports a national platform where all ignore Non-Olympic sports can be recognized themselves as Olympic Sports in the Pakistan. And by this efforts could become pride for Pakistan and win Gold from Non-Olympic Sports.

Mr. Syeed Mukarram Ali
Secretary General
Pakistan Non-Olympic Committee-PNOC

(2nd October-2003)

Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA

International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC and Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA's Member Executive Mr. Mohd. Meraj has expressed his views that INOA has got its place in India by taking hard work; the Non-Olympic Sports are getting popularity in the country by the sincere efforts of the Indian Non-Olympic Association and its office bearers. The sports sponsors are giving importance to the Non-Olympic Sports; it is good sign and future of these sports in the country as well as around the world. It is happening just because of Non-Olympic Movement, which INOC-Charter is running in all over the world. The INOA is going to organize National Game-2004 for Non-Olympic Sports in the country very soon where at least 32-40 games will take part from all over the country.

Mr. Mohd. Meraj
Member Executive
International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC &
Indian Non-Olympic Association-INOA

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